Custom-made Gas Analyzers for Industrial Gas Measurement Technology

Analyzers as versatile as process measurement and control


  • Multigas analyzer

  • Highly stable measurement performance

  • Easy operation via touch screen

  • Easy sensor calibration

  • For installation in a 19" rack

  • Analogue or digital output

Gas Analyzers from smartGAS

The gas analyzers of smartGAS are high performance solutions for different areas of industrial gas measurement. The fields of application range from process measurement technology and emissions to fruit ripening. The ANAREX product family impresses with the variability of the sensors used. By using a wide range of technologies, a huge spectrum of sample gases can be analyzed. The ANAREX is designed as a multi-gas analyzer and is suitable for installation in a 19" rack.


  • NDIR
  • NDUV
  • Electrochemical sensors
  • Paramagnetic sensors
  • Photoacoustic sensors
  • Zirconia sensors
  • Photoionization detection
  • Radiation detection technology

Your customised analyser

Due to the various combination options with different measurement technologies, a complex gas analysis can be carried out. In addition to the NDIR sensors of the SILAREX and FLOWEVO series, photoacoustic and electrochemical sensors as well as paramagnetic sensors can be installed, resulting in an optimal measuring system for the customer's specific application. This allows a wide range of applications to be developed such as:

  • Process gas analysis
  • Exhaust gas analysis
  • Air quality measurement
  • Fruit ripening and transport
  • TOC measurement
  • Emission measurement



Find the right accessories for our sensors.

Gas Pumps

The pumps for drawing the sample gas ensure a continuous gas flow through the sensor for the best measurement results.

Particulate Filters

Particulate Filters for Cleaning Sample Gases from Foreign Substances

Test gases

Inspection of sensors on-site with regard to their measurement function

Peltier Gas Cooler

High-quality Peltier gas cooler for drying the gas sample to a stable dew point of e.g. +5°C.

Gas Treatment System PREREX

Complete gas conditioning system for filtering and drying the sample gas

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