Gas Treatment System PREREX

Complete gas conditioning system for filtering and drying the sample gas


Product features:

  • Complete solution for a large number of applications
  • Permanently reliable and reproducible measurement results
  • Optimum operational safety due to self-monitoring
  • Extremely precise dew point with long-term stability
  • Fast response time due to low dead volume
  • Very low resolution rates
  • Continuous condensate removal
  • Low maintenance operation
  • Easy to maintain design

Fine dust filter with housing

Item number: Z2-000008

Glass fibre filter element 2 µm for fine dust


Product features:

  • For removing dust and dirt particles from the sample gas.
  • To protect the sensors
  • No falsification of the sample gas
  • Low and simple maintenance

Filter element for fine dust filter

Item number: Z2-000007

Replacement for Z2-000008


Product features:

  • 2 μm filter fineness
  • Filter elements made of glass fibr
  • Filtration on the outer surface of the filter elements
  • Suitable for high ambient temperatures

PREREX and fine dust filter for the following sensors and devices