CO2 sensors for process control and environmental monitoring

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is present in the air not only as a natural constituent. It is also used for industrial production processes and occurs during the combustion of fossil energy sources, such as for power generation or in waste incineration plants. Another use of CO2 is for treating fruits and vegetables, to delay ripening. Exact measurement of the CO2 concentration is always important for guaranteeing safe processes and therefore high-quality products.

CO2 sensors of the FLOWEVO series from smartGAS can detect carbon dioxide in many different concentrations. They are available with measuring ranges from 0 – 2,000 ppm, 0 – 5,000 ppm and 0 – 10,000 ppm. In the percentage by volume range our CO2 sensors measure gas concentrations of 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100 Vol%.

Infrared measuring technique provides precise results

CO2 sensors from smartGAS operate on the principle of non-dispersive infrared absorption, which ensures high performance and long-term stability. They feature a plug & play interface to facilitate connection to our customer´s hardware. 

CO2 measurement in incineration systems

Carbon dioxide is also a by product of waste incineration plants. In order to comply with the CO2 threshold value, the carbon dioxide concentration in the furnace must be measured continuously. Measuring instruments are therefore installed directly upstream of the flue in order to measure, analyse and save defined waste gas parameters for each boiler. These data are included in periodic reports that are sent to the responsible monitoring authorities. With CO2 sensors from smartGAS plant operators can monitor their carbon dioxide levels and respond quickly to violations of thresholds.

CO2 detection in biogas plants

In biogas plants it is also necessary to continuously conduct CO2 measurements in order to ensure safe processes. Normally the CO2 concentration in biogas should be between 25 and 55 percent for reliable anaerobic decomposition of the organic material. Higher CO2 values can be an indicator of incomplete substrate degradation or substrate-related inhibition of bacterial activity. Both cases require the intervention of the plant operator. 

For good air quality: CO2 detection in buildings

The composition of the air in buildings is very important for the health and well-being of the people who inhabit them. The Air Quality Regulation (DIN EN 1946-2) therefore defines a CO2 threshold value of 1,500 ppm in closed rooms. With CO2 sensors from smartGAS you ensure that the CO2 concentration of the room air is always in the “green zone”. The sensors measure not only the CO2 content of the air in ppm, but can also be used to 
control fans, ventilation flaps and valves. If the CO2 content of the room air exceeds a defined value, the ventilation system is automatically activated. 

CO2 as a process gas in industry

Carbon dioxide is used in numerous industrial applications: It cools injection moulding processes in the plastic industry, for example, to reduce cycle times. It also occurs as an expanding agent in industrial foams and is used in the form of dry ice in preparation for painting, for deburring components, and for cleaning injection moulds. It also occurs in cement production, but in this case CO2 is generated as a by-product, which contributes to the greenhouse effect. In all of these examples the CO2 measurement is very important: It guarantees safe processes and helps companies to reduce environmentally harmful emissions. 

CO2 detection can save lives

The precise measurement of the CO2 concentration in the ambient air can also save lives. That is due to the properties of this gas: It is heavier than air and accumulates as a waste product in low-lying areas of biogas plants. Since CO2 is odourless and colourless, dangerous CO2 concentrations cannot be perceived by people. Concentrations between 1000 and 2000 ppm are considered critical and concentrations above 2000 ppm are unacceptable over long periods of time. In extreme cases a high CO2 content in the air can result in loss of consciousness and death by asphyxiation.  
CO2 sensors from smartGAS detect even minuscule CO2 concentrations and can therefore protect health and save lives.

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