NDIR Gas Sensors for Biogas Analysis

NDIR gas sensors for the measurement of CO2 and CH4 in biogas applications

Biogas has become an important source of energy in recent years and helps to sustainably implement the climate goals set. In order to control the biogas plants efficiently, the composition of the biogas, especially with regards to the CO2 and CH4 content, is precisely analysed.
This allows both conclusions to be drawn on the fermentation process for gas production, as well as controlling the biogas station in favor of the best possible energy yield.

smartGAS supports ...

... this special measuring task with specially adapted NDIR gas sensors for methane and carbon dioxide. In addition to the optical quality of the components, the know-how for the calibration of the sensors is of particular importance. Measuring inaccuracies caused by the use of NDIR sensors that are not specially adapted to biogas can be avoided with smartGAS.

Thus, the biogas plant can implement their best efficiency and contribute efficiently to environmental protection.

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