High performance NDIR gas sensors and gas analyzers

We specialize in the development, production and calibration of NDIR gas sensors, revolutionizing industrial applications worldwide. Our state-of-the-art sensors offer high accuracy and performance in any environment. But that's not all. As your trusted partner, we go beyond NDIR to offer a full range of gas analyzers that push the boundaries of technology and enable industry to achieve remarkable results.

Quality awareness

Our pursuit of excellence defines us. We place the highest value on excellent quality in every aspect of our business.


For a reliable and successful basis for our business relationships.

Customer orientation

Your success is our priority.


A strong connection for joint success. We focus on long-term partnerships based on trust, openness and mutual benefit.


Our strength lies in effective problem solving. We analyze challenges with a clear view and focus on practical implementation.

Throughout the years we have remained true to our philosophy:

The sensor technology must be adapted to the application and not the other way around. In this spirit we will continue with passion and creativity to find smart solutions for smart applications.

smartGAS - History:

Established in 2005 as a spin-off of the Institute for Microsensors (IfM) at the university of applied sciences, the company focused from the beginning on IR absorption technology. This continues to be the ideal starting point for the development of reliable and precise gas sensors with a broad range of applications.

In 2007, Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn (ZFHN) was convinced to invest in the company, in order to drive growth and the company's long-term independence from the university of applied sciences. In the same year smartGAS moved its headquarters to Heilbronn, in the region where numerous world market leaders are located. There smartGAS found the ideal conditions for the consistent expansion and development of the product spectrum.

The following years were then marked by growth - both the customer base and the product spectrum and sales regions expanded continuously.

As a result of the successful development, smartGAS soon outgrew the original facilities. In the summer of 2016, the company therefore moved to new facilities, where all departments now have sufficient space for the coming years.

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