The smart approach to gas analysis

Are you looking for a high-precision, long-lasting sensor that can reliably measures gases?

A sensor that is optimally suited to your application? Then the NDIR gas sensors from smartGAS are the right choice: You receive high-quality optical components that enable good selectivity, low drift and very short reaction times. Our gas sensors also offer a number of advantages over conventional measuring systems. Learn more about the outstanding functions of our gas sensors.


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smartGAS-Webnews „Emission Monitoring“

Ever stricter environmental regulations and rising fuel prices are forcing companies to operate their incineration plants with as few pollutants as possible. The smartGAS gas sensors for measuring emissions provide optimum support, as they detect even the lowest concentrations of CO, CO2, SO2 and hydrocarbons such as CH4. Plant operators benefit from lower running costs and significantly more efficient operation.

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AMA Seminar "Gas measurement technology II"

Under the scientific direction of Prof. Dr. Jürgen Wöllenstein from the Fraunhofer IPM in Freiburg, the seminar "Gas Measurement Technology II" will again take place in Karlsruhe on 18.09.2019.

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