The smart approach to gas analysis

Are you looking for a high-precision, long-lasting sensor that can reliably measures gases?

A sensor that is optimally suited to your application? Then the NDIR gas sensors from smartGAS are the right choice: You receive high-quality optical components that enable good selectivity, low drift and very short reaction times. Our gas sensors also offer a number of advantages over conventional measuring systems. Learn more about the outstanding functions of our gas sensors.


Sensors for diffusion


Sensors for analysis


NDIR multi-gas sensors


Sensors for analysis


The OEM customer
solution from smartGAS


Multi Gas Analyzers and Customer Solutions


Flexible interfaces and
additional features


Sensor information as well
Read operating states

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Our colleague Sonja Förch from the technical documentation department of smartGAS always has an eye for important details. Meet our colleague ...

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Our colleague Sonja Förch has always an eye for important details and we would like to introduce her to you here in the column "Three questions for ...". It is dedicated to the people who stand behind smartGAS and give their best every day.

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To know how: How to safely combat pest infestation

What do historic church roofs and containers have in common with wooden products? They are a ready-made meal for wood-damaging insects. One of the most common countermeasures is fumigation, for example with the odourless and colourless sulphuryldifluoride (SO2F2), or with methyl bromide (CH3Br). NDIR sensors from smartGAS play a decisive role here.

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