Refrigerant sensors from smartGAS reduce operating costs and protect the environment

Refrigeration and air conditioning systems are used in many areas: in supermarkets and industrial enterprises (commercial refrigeration), as well as hotels, office buildings and large refrigerated warehouses. Many of these systems use fluorinated (CFC) and partially fluorinated hydrocarbons (HFC) as refrigerants.

Since CFCs and HFCs are partially not only flammable but also very harmful to the environment, refrigeration systems with these refrigerants are subject to stringent regulations. The intervals for leak tests required by the F-Gas Directive (EU) No. 517/2014 can be extended by the use of leak detection systems. For systems with a CO2 equivalent of 500 t or more such leak detection systems are even required in air conditioning technology. 

Fast and reliable detection of refrigerant leaks

BASICEVO refrigerant sensors from smartGAS detect numerous refrigerants quickly and with high precision. They are available as broadband sensors for detection of multiple refrigerants in one hardware set-up and as sensors that are adapted for particular target gases. Broadband refrigerant sensors are calibrated at the factory with 2000 ppm R134a as a reference and can be used for convenient and reliable measurement of R125, R404a, R407a, R407f, R410a, R448a, R449a, R452a, R455a and R32 as well as R23 by means of conversion factors. 

Leaks in refrigeration systems can have fatal consequences

If refrigerants are released as a result of leaks in an air conditioning or refrigeration system, it is extremely harmful not only to the environment. Since small leaks remain unnoticed, the system can gradually run dry. The consequences are decreased efficiency resulting in higher power consumption, or even mechanical damaged with expensive repairs. With refrigerant sensors from smartGAS you are on the safe side, in addition to improving system availability while reducing operating costs. The sensors detect even very low refrigerant concentrations in order to prevent expensive losses and system damage.

Precise measurements prolong the life cycles of refrigeration systems

Refrigerant sensors from smartGAS operate on the basis of non-dispersive infrared absorption to detect target gases reliably in measuring ranges from 0 to 1000 ppm or 0 to 2000 ppm. 
The refrigerant sensors have no wear parts and require no chemical reactions, resulting in a very long service life. They are designed for fast and easy mounting and calibration, with minimal installation costs. Already existing refrigeration systems that must now be monitored on the basis of the F-Gas Directive can easily be retrofitted. This eliminates the need for big investments in new installations.

Custom tailored refrigerant sensors for every requirement

In addition to standard products, smartGAS specializes in the development and production of custom sensors with high efficiency and a user-friendly design. The modular design of our refrigerant sensors allows optimal adaptation to the particular customer application. Our services include everything from modification of the measuring range to perfectly custom tailored solutions. No matter what your requirements are: At smartGAS you will find the right refrigerant sensors to fulfil them.

BASICEVO sensors from smartGAS: Best quality: “Made in Germany”

We develop and manufacture all of our sensors in Germany. That is your guarantee for precise, reliable technology at affordable prices.  
Our BASICEVO refrigerant sensors feature low detection limits, low drift, and a large temperature range. They feature a very short response time in order to provide fast and reliable measurements.

Large range of accessories

addition to versatile data interfaces, they also include the mounting solution modulBOX (IP54), USB calibration adapters and software, as well as various test gases for checking the sensor measurement function. 

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