SF6 Sensors for Leak Detectors, Ambient Air Monitoring and Gas Quality Determination

SF6 sensors from smartGAS are ideal for the measurement of SF6 gases in the field of high-voltage technology. They are utilised in leak detectors and gas detectors and can also be used for the monitoring of gas quality and filling in gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) or transformers.

Ensure workplace safety with SF6 gas sensors

Due to the fact that SF6 has a much higher density than air, it collects at the lowest points in a system and can therefore present a danger. With our 1000 ppm SF6 sensors, you can check compliance with the MAK value and thereby contribute towards operational safety.


Detecting gas leaks – SF6 leak detectors and gas detectors

Our SF6 sensors lend themselves to use in devices and gas detectors used as leak detectors. The 50 ppm SF6 FLOWEVO is distinguished by high sensitivity and a very low detection limit. It thus recognises even the smallest SF6 leaks with absolute reliability. Its compact design and low weight very much facilitate the installation in portable leak detectors for SF6 gases.

SF6 monitoring of SF6 gas quality

With our 100 vol% SF6 sensors you can check the quality of gas fillings in gas insulated switchgears (GIS) reliably. Calibration to the "working range" between 80 – 100 Vol.-% qualifies the 100 Vol.-% SF6 gas sensor for this special measuring task.


The greenhouse gas SF6

SF6 is an insulating gas that contributes to global warming approximately 24,000 times more strongly than CO2. It was therefore included in the Kyoto Protocol and the use of the greenhouse gas SF6 is subject to the strictest regulations. Our SF6 gas sensors help you to prevent emissions and thus contribute actively to environment and system protection.

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