BASICEVO Broadband Pro - NDIR gas sensor for
refrigerant monitoring

Adaptable to your application


  • Non Dispersive Infra-Red (NDIR)

  • Dual beam / Reference channel

  • Measure 20 gases with one sensor

  • Internal calibration curve for each Freon

  • Dual range 2000 ppm and 1000 ppm select-able

  • Maximal flexibility in installation

  • Easy target gas selection

BASICEVO  Broadband Pro from smartGAS

The BASICEVO NDIR gas sensor is used for ambient air monitoring using dual wavelength technology. It is designed for leak detection in small concentration ranges (ppm range) for wall mount detectors and room air monitoring devices. BASICEVO diffusion sensors advantages are a long lifetime, low detection limits, very slight drift, a large temperature range, a fast response time and low maintenance costs.

The BASICEVO series is therefore the optimal solution for all applications in which an ambient air sensor should be reliable and at the same time simple in its handling

smartGAS Support

  • Design-In support
  • Customization:
    • Software
    • Protocols
    • Measuring ranges
    • Background gas optimizing
    • Interfaces

Versatile usability - your advantages with the EVO series!

The sensors of the EVO series are reliable, compact and powerful. Unlike many other NDIR sensors, they combine best performance with a small mechanical design. The standardized platform makes it possible to combine various EVO sensors into a complete solution in many applications. As a result, development time, storage and operating costs and not least maintenance and logistics costs can be significantly reduced.


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