Diffusion gas sensors

BASICEVO - room air sensor

NDIR - diffusion sensors for indoor air monitoring are available from smartGAS as the BASICEVO series. Like all smartGAS sensors, they feature low detection limits, very low drift, a wide temperature range, fast response time and low maintenance costs. The BASICEVO series is thus the optimal solution for all applications in which a room air sensor needs to be reliable and at the same time easy to use. 
It is designed for leak detection in small concentration ranges (ppm range) for wall-mounted detectors and room air monitoring devices.

TRANSMITTEREVO - easy calibration on site 

With the TRANSMITTEREVO, we offer the option of adapting the front foil to the customer's design and adapting the device to its application in the best possible way via the built-in sensors of the BASICEVO series. Thus, the customer receives "his device" - without compromises!

  • "Ready to use" gas transmitter
  • (0)4 - 20 mA
  • Modbus ASCII / RTU
  • 12 - 28 V DC input voltage
  • All sensors of the BASICEVO line can be used
  • Front foil adaptable to customer designs