Emissions Measurement Made Easy

Gas sensors for emissions measurement from smartGAS work according to the principle of non-dispersive infrared measurement technology (NDIR). They reliably and precisely measure the concentration of CO, CO2, SO2 and hydrocarbons such as CH4 in the flue gas. You, as the user, benefit from the use of sensors with considerably more efficient operation of your plant and are thus one step ahead of the competition.

FLOWEVO  sensors for emissions measurement

Photoacoustic Sensors for emission measurement

smartGAS offers a series of high-precision gas sensors for emissions measurement that offer a variety of advantages over conventional measurement processes due to special physical measurement technology.

Our NDIR sensors

  • detect even the lowest gas concentrations
  • are extremely precise and provide long-term stability
  • require little maintenance.

Strict regulations for exhaust gas monitoring

Increasing environmental protection regulations and fuel prices necessitate increasingly more efficient combustion plants. Our sensors are an effective instrument for exhaust gas analysis and help you optimise your plants. They score in terms of precision and service life based on the NDIR technology. They are also designated by high selectivity and very low signal drift.

FLOWEVO Sensors from smartGAS can not only be used for flue gas measurement and flue gas analysis, you can also use them for process control in cement production or wood gasification.

Environmentally friendly in all respects

smartGAS sensors for emissions measurement protect the environment by contributing to lower the release of harmful substance from your plant and by reducing the fuel consumption. At the same time, our measuring sensors are also very environmentally-friendly, because their design dispenses with chemical reactants and we only use long-lasting components.

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