PAS – Photoacoustic Sensor

The sensor for measuring the lowest gas concentrations


  • Very high accuracy 

  • Very high selectivity

  • Low drift

  • Low maintenance

  • Low detection ranges

  • Designed for 24/7 operation

Photoacoustic gas sensor from smartGAS

The PAS sensor is based on the measurement principle of photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS), one of the most sensitive measurement methods for detecting gases. By spectrally tuning to the respective target gas, the PAS sensor achieves very high selectivity and delivers highly precise measurement results even at the lowest gas concentrations.

The sensor module can be operated via a downstream controller, but can also control a variety of processes and peripheral components itself. The PAS sensor is characterized by a very low zero drift and a very low influence by water vapor cross sensitivities.

Detailed information on the product

Here you will find an overview of the product data sheets. Additional Gases are available on request. Please contact us for an individual consultation.

Physical measuring principle – low drift, high accuracy

The new sensor now gives you even more assurance when using it in process measurement or gas analyzing applications. The physical measuring principle allows a low-drift measurement with high accuracy and high resolution over a long period of time. As the module is designed for continuous operation, it has an optional adjustable automatic zerocalibration function, alternatively this can be externally triggered.


Find the right accessories for our sensors.

Gas Pumps

The pumps for drawing the sample gas ensure a continuous gas flow through the sensor for the best measurement results.

Particulate Filters

Filters for Cleaning Sample Gases from Foreign Substances

Test gases

Checking the sensors in the field with regard to their measuring function

Peltier Gas Cooler

High-quality Peltier gas cooler for drying the gas sample to a stable dew point of e.g. +5°C.

Analog Adapter

Analog Adapter for PAS Sensors

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