PGA 110 & PGA Mini - Portable configurable gas analyzers

Analyzers as versatile as process measurement and control


  • 8 hours battery usage

  • Pumps and filters on board

  • Easy operation via touchscreen

  • Storage of the data on a USB stick

  • Evaluation of the data with common Office applications

  • many setting options

Gas Analyzers from smartGAS

The gas analyzers of smartGAS are high-performance solutions for various areas of industrial gas measurement technology. The fields of application range from process measurement technology and emissions to fruit ripening. The Analyzer product family convinces by the variability of the used sensor technology. By using a wide range of technologies, a huge spectrum of sample gases can be analyzed with the portable analyzers. The portable analyzers are available in two versions, depending on the measurement task.


  • NDIR
  • NDUV
  • Electrochemical sensors
  • Paramagnetic sensors
  • Photoacoustic sensors
  • Zirconia sensors
  • Photoionization detection
  • Radiation detection technology


  • High capacity battery, for more than 8 hours working time

  • Integrated low-noise pump for highly stable sampling gas.

  • Equipped with zero calibration button

  • Equipped with simple "start", "stop", "blow back" function keys

  • Simple display with clear design (date, battery, status, concentration, alarm, calibration)

  • Flexible gas connection, 1/8 "NPT connection

  • Internal filter protection, to protect the high-precision sensor in case of contamination.

  • Rear panel with RS232 port, charging and display for charging and USB port.

  • Measurement data can be stored on USB

  • Concentration element and alarm can be set by the customer.

  • Standard software can be used to save data with Excel or TXT files