Particulate Filters for Cleaning Sample Gases from Foreign Substances

The purification of sample gases from foreign substances leads to more accurate measurement results and a longer shelf life of the sensors.

Liquid stop

Item number: Z6-000029

To protect sensors and devices from condensate and water from the gas sample.


Product features:

  • For protection of the analyzer
  • No moisture filter as the gas supply is stopped to protect the sensor or false measurements
  • Reliable prevention of liquid breakthrough to the analyser
  • For installation in front of gas analysers

Fine dust filter with housing

Item number: Z2-000008

Glass fibre filter element 2 µm for fine dust


Product features:

  • For removing dust and dirt particles from the sample gas.
  • To protect the sensors
  • No falsification of the sample gas
  • Low and simple maintenance

Filter element for fine dust filter

Item number: Z2-000007

Replacement for Z2-000008


Product features:

  • 2 μm filter fineness
  • Filter elements made of glass fibr
  • Filtration on the outer surface of the filter elements
  • Suitable for high ambient temperatures