Ventilation Technology

Improving the room climate - ambient air sensors from smartGAS

Ambient air sensors from smartGAS are suitable for demand-controlled controlling of ventilation plants in private, public and commercial spaces. They will help you in ambient air monitoring and you will sustainably improve the room climate.

NDIR ambient air sensors from smartGAS for CO2 analysis for the controlling of ventilation plants can:

  • sustainably improve the room climate
  • prevent energy losses
  • save costs
  • contribute indirectly to the increasing of your concentration and performance

CO2 in the ambient air

During normal breathing, humans emit carbon dioxide (CO2). Because of this, the air in closed rooms contains more and more CO2. From a proportion of approx. 1000 ppm CO2 in the ambient air, this makes itself noticeable in fatigue, declining concentration and headaches.
Intelligent controlling of ventilation plants, measuring the CO2 content of the ambient air using NDIR sensors and using it as a control parameter, can improve the room climate substantially and make a significant contribution towards saving costs incurred by incorrect airing and the associated loss of energy.