ANAREX gas analysers: Measurement accuracy meets performance

ANAREX from smartGAS is a family of highly accurate, ready-to-install multi-gas analysers. They are supplied as a ready-to-connect plug-and-play solution and impress with their stable measurement performance, easy and intuitive operation via touchscreen and simple sensor calibration.

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smartGAS on Mars: How MOXIE enables manned Mars missions in the future

Sensors from smartGAS landed on Mars with the Mars rover "Perseverance". NASA's fifth Mars mission was launched from Cape Canaveral on July 30 last year. Now, 470 million kilometers and just under six months later, the rover has now begun operations on the red planet.

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smartGAS gründet Joint Venture in China

smartGAS China officially founded

After more than ten years of successful cooperation and one year of planning, the German-Chinese joint venture company smartGAS Sensor Technology Co.,Ltd. was officially established in the National Economic and Technological Development Zone (CEDZ) in January 2021. Andreas Hester was jointly appointed General Manager of smartGAS China by SIGAS Managing Director Chen Mo and smartGAS Mikrosensorik GmbH Managing Director Jörg Ronde.

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This is how the NDIR sensors from smartGAS work

Non-dispersive infrared absorption (NDIR) uses the property of gas molecules to absorb infrared radiation at specific wavelengths. NDIR gas sensors from smartGAS are suitable for the highly accurate measurement of a wide range of gases and make an important contribution to the control of industrial processes as well as to workplace, plant and environmental protection.

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New form of cooperation - CaTec bv and smartGAS Mikrosensorik GmbH transfer their existing distribution partnership into a project partnership.

After successful years of cooperation in the distribution sector, CaTec and smartGAS redefine the joint business.

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