Passive Heating Element for FLOWEVO

Heating Element for NDIR gas sensors improves measurement results

  • Minimization of the influence of temperature changes 
  • Prevention of condensation inside the sensor
  • Stable temperature after warm-up phase
  • Applicable for cuvette lengths from 40 mm to 300 mm

Product features:

  • Easy to mount
  • No additional controller required
  • Self-stabilizing temperature ~43°C ±2°K
  • 3W and 6W version and 12VDC 3/6W power required
  • Requires appropriate thermal insulation depending on ambient temperature

Compensating for ambient temperature fluctuations

When an NDIR gas sensor is exposed to ambient temperature fluctuations, it should be ensured that the sensor itself has a stable temperature within the specified range. This often occurs in situations where temperature fluctuations in winter compared to summer or even day/night changes have a large impact on the sensor. Also portable devices which are stored or transported in a cold environment should be heated up with a gas flow before measurement.

Risk of condensation inside the sensor

To minimize this risk, it is advisable to ensure that the temperature of the gas path and sensor is higher than the temperature of the gas flow. If the sensor is used in an emission control system for a combustion process, it is especially important to avoid moisture condensation, as this can damage the sensor.

Increase sensor accuracy
Even though NDIR sensors are temperature compensated, the measurements remain temperature dependent. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the temperature of the sensor as stable as possible, especially if the requirements for the accuracy of the measurement are very high.

Heating Element for the following sensors and devices