Three questions for ... smartGAS introduces itself

A strong solidarity with the company and the ambition to continuously be part of the progress and innovation: That characterized Lars Becker. In the column "Three questions to...", our employees introduce themselves personally and describe what makes their daily work so special.

  • Briefly introduce yourself and your position at smartGAS.

My name is Lars Becker and I am 39 years old. I studied sensor system technology in Karlsruhe and have been working on gas sensors and measurement systems since my diploma thesis. My professional life began as a development engineer. I continued my career as a project manager and now work as ‘Head of Development & Production’ at smartGAS.

  • What is your day-to-day job at smartGAS?

Most important for a good start in the day, is the daily status-meeting with my team. The goal of the meeting is, to get feedback from the employees, solve problems and talk about the collaboration in current projects. My responsibilities include the targeted realization of individual customer requirements and their transformation into new products.

  • How, when and why did you come to smartGAS?

I have been working at smartGAS for seven years now. The tasks surrounding the establishment and expansion of the development and production departments as well as the development of new products are exciting. I feel deeply connected to smartGAS - we have already experienced a lot together.