Successful oxygen extraction on Mars - with smartGAS sensors

It works: The Mars rover Perseverance has extracted oxygen from the planet's extremely CO2-containing atmosphere with the help of a special module. CO and CO2 sensors of the FLOW EVO series from smartGAS are also involved in this exciting mission: They monitor the gas concentration inside the module and thus control the process for O2 extraction.

The successful establishment of oxygen production on Mars is the prerequisite for manned flights to the Red Planet. So far, they are not possible because the rocket would need more fuel for the return flight than it can transport. If, on the other hand, oxygen could be extracted from the Martian atmosphere, the rocket on Earth would only have to be refuelled with part of the fuel for the return flight. Oxygen production on Mars would also allow astronauts to stay on the planet.

The smartGAS sensors monitor the process inside the so-called MOXIE module (Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilisation Experiment), in which oxygen atoms are split off from the CO2 compounds in the Martian atmosphere. If the experiments continue to be successful, a module about a hundred times larger will be used to produce oxygen permanently on Mars.