Three questions for ... smartGAS introduces itself

Today we have an exciting employee introduction for you! Cem Kayas has been working at smartGAS since January 2022 and we asked him to introduce himself and his work.

  • Briefly introduce yourself and your position at smartGAS.

My name is Cem Cayas. I am 30 years old and a trained office administrator. I work as a sales manager at smartGAS.

  • What is your most important/best task in everyday life (at smartGAS)?

My most important tasks are customer interaction and building customer relationships. I get to learn continuously, for example about technology and new insights into different application fields. I live our smartGAS spirit and I am problem solver.

  • How, when and why did you join smartGAS?

Before smartGAS I was working as an Internal Sales Assistant. I was looking for a new challenge and variety in my Job and found that at smartGAS in Internal Sales as a Sales Representative in January 2022. Soon I moved up in a new position as Sales Manager in March 2023. What impressed me most was the family atmosphere, the wide range of responsibilities I got, for example to have the responsibility for the interal sales department, and the extensive application fields where the sensors are used (Mars and Arctic). SmartGAS impressed me.