The smartGAS Calibration Tool

With the smartGAS Calibration Tool, all sensors of the EVO series F3 and B3 can be read out and calibrated quickly and easily, both individually and in combination with the optional Connect Interface electronic board. The software offers users many practical functions:


  • Readout of sensor information and operating states
  • Setting the zero point and end point
  • Resetting the zero point to the factory settings
  • Resetting the end point to the factory settings
  • Graphical display of the gas concentration during calibration
  • Measured values displayed as diagram in the final report
  • Generation of data records for remote diagnostics by smartGAS


You can download the smartGAS Calibration Tool immediately and use it free of charge for 14 days. Only then is it necessary to enter a license key.

  • Fully wizard guided user interface
  • Easy zero and span adjustment
  • Read out of operating conditions
  • Simple modbus address setup
  • Printable service report (as found - as left)
  • Plug in smartGAS USB communication adapter

Download smartGAS Calibration Tool

Here you can easily download the smartGAS software.

How to install and set up your Software:
1. Download the smartGAS Calibration Software and install it on your PC or Laptop
2. Ask for your free personal license key under this LINK
3. Enter your 25 digit license key in your smartGAS Calibration Software under "Product Activation"
4. After installation, you can open and use the software with the PIN specified in the instructions.

Windows 7 or higher (x86 oder x64); PC administration rights; 1GHz dual-core Prozessor, 2GB RAM, 200MB free storage; Microsoft .NET Framework; Communication adapter hardware