Three questions for ... smartGAS introduces itself

Our colleague Sonja Förch from the technical documentation department of smartGAS always has an eye for important details. Meet our colleague ...

Our colleague Sonja Förch has always an eye for important details and we would like to introduce her to you here in the column "Three questions for ...". It is dedicated to the people who stand behind smartGAS and give their best every day.

  • Briefly introduce yourself and your position at smartGAS.
    My name is Sonja Förch, I am 52 years old and I am qualified industrial electronics technician. At smartGAS I work in the development department in the field of technical documentation.


  • What is your day-to-day job at smartGAS?
    In my position in the development department, I mainly work at the interface between production and sales. Together with my colleagues, I take care of the creation of technical documentation and the maintenance of master data on the intranet and in our ERP system.


  • How, when and why did you come to smartGAS?
    I started at smartGAS twelve years ago in production as an electronics technician - back then it was still a real, very young start-up! Since then I have been involved in many different areas and have been able to accompany the exciting development into a medium-sized company. I feel very connected to smartGAS because of this - we have already experienced a lot together.