The FLOWEVO PLUS: A milestone in gas sensor technology

The FLOWEVO PLUS stands for groundbreaking innovations in gas sensor technology. Our advanced device stands out with remarkable improvements in measurement accuracy and stability. It is a further development of the established Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) technology.

However, the innovations go far beyond simply improving performance. The FLOWEVO PLUS completely redefines the performance standards and functionalities of modern gas sensors by focusing on a number of critical features that are crucial in current and future environmental monitoring, industrial process control and safety-related gas detection applications.

This article explores the technical intricacies, distinct advantages and diverse applications of the FLOWEVO PLUS. Through a detailed look at its specifications and functionalities, we want to show you how this sensor is able to perform high-precision analysis even under the most demanding conditions.

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Technological features of the FLOWEVO PLUS

NDIR technology is at the heart of the FLOWEVO PLUS and plays a central role in its operation and performance. It uses infrared light to identify and measure specific gas components based on their characteristic absorption patterns in the infrared spectrum. By analyzing the infrared light absorbed by the gases, the sensor enables precise determinations of gas composition.

This method is highly valued in gas sensor technology because it is particularly accurate and reliable. It detects even minimal gas concentrations, which is crucial for many industrial and environmental applications. smartGAS has further developed and optimized the NDIR technology in the FLOWEVO PLUS to meet the growing and changing requirements of modern gas sensor technology.

In order to meet these requirements, both the hardware and the software of the sensor have been improved. This includes updates to the optical component to increase sensitivity and selectivity as well as advanced algorithms that improve the signal-to-noise ratio and increase measurement accuracy. These technological advances allow the FLOWEVO PLUS to provide reliable and consistent data even under fluctuating environmental conditions such as temperature and pressure changes.

  • Technology: The FLOWEVO PLUS uses NDIR technology for precise gas analysis using infrared light.
  • Advantages: High accuracy and reliability, ideal for industrial and environmental applications.
  • Optimizations: smartGAS has improved hardware and software to increase sensitivity and accuracy.
  • Reliability: The sensor provides reliable data even under changing environmental conditions.


Detailed functions of the FLOWEVO PLUS

The FLOWEVO PLUS is characterized by several highly developed functions that make it an important component in gas sensor technology. Here is a closer look:

Precise temperature control
The FLOWEVO PLUS has a precise temperature controller that controls the heating of the measuring cuvette with an accuracy of ±0.3 Kelvin. This precise control is crucial to ensure accurate measurements under fluctuating ambient temperatures.

Temperature fluctuations can distort the measurement results by changing the physical properties of the gas. By stabilizing the temperature in the cuvette, the FLOWEVO PLUS ensures consistent and reliable measurement results.

Automatic pressure compensation
Another key element of the FLOWEVO PLUS is the automatic pressure compensation. The built-in pressure sensor measures the internal pressure of the cuvette and automatically adjusts the measurement result to correct possible errors caused by changing gas flow.

This function is particularly important as different pressure variations affect the density of the gas and can therefore impair the accuracy of the gas measurement. The automatic adjustment of the measured values to the current pressure conditions ensures high accuracy and reliability of the gas measurements.

Noise reduction
To improve the sensitivity of the sensor, the FLOWEVO PLUS uses advanced mathematical filters that reduce noise to a minimum, more precisely to less than ±0.075% of full scale (FS). This low noise is crucial as it allows even the lowest gas concentrations to be reliably detected without affecting the measurement signal.

Fast T90 time
The sensor's filters are optimized so that the T90 time - the time it takes the sensor to detect 90% of a change in gas concentration - is extremely short, typically less than 3 seconds. This fast response time is particularly advantageous for dynamic measurement situations where rapid changes in gas concentration occur.

High readout frequency
With an impressive readout frequency of up to 10 Hz, the FLOWEVO PLUS is ideal for applications that require fast response and data updating. This high frequency makes the sensor particularly effective for process control in industrial environments where conditions can change rapidly and quick decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data are required.

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The most important points summarized:

  • Precise temperature control: Stabilizes temperatures to ±0.3 Kelvin for accurate results.
  • Automatic pressure compensation: Adjusts readings to ensure accuracy with changing gas flow.
  • Noise reduction: Filters reduce noise to below ±0.075% FS, improving sensitivity.
  • Fast T90 time: Responds in under 3 seconds, optimal for rapid environmental changes.
  • High readout frequency: Up to 10 Hz, ideal for fast process control.


Performance features of the gas sensor system

The FLOWEVO PLUS is characterized by its ability to achieve an exceptionally low Lowest Detection Limit (LDL) of up to ±0.1 %[FS]. This remarkable sensitivity makes it an indispensable instrument for applications where the highest precision is required.
Such a low LDL enables the sensor to reliably and accurately detect even the slightest changes in gas concentration, which is particularly important in environments with strict environmental standards or in safety-critical processes.

Importance of a low LDL
A low LDL is crucial for industries where the detection of trace gases is important, such as in the:

  • chemical processing,
  • pharmaceutical production
  • and environmental monitoring.

Die Fähigkeit, extrem niedrige Konzentrationen zu messen, kann dazu beitragen, die Einhaltung gesetzlicher Vorgaben zu gewährleisten und die Effizienz von Prozessen zu steigern, indem frühzeitig Anomalien erkannt und korrigiert werden können.

Wide range of interfaces for easy integration
The FLOWEVO PLUS offers a wide range of digital and analog interfaces, making it much easier to integrate into existing systems. With options such as RS485, RS232 and various voltage interfaces, users can seamlessly integrate the sensor into their existing technological framework. This flexibility in interface selection allows the sensor to be integrated into a variety of control and monitoring systems without the need for extensive customization.

Advantages of the versatile interfaces
The availability of both digital and analog interfaces opens up a wide range of communication and control options. Digital interfaces such as RS485 and RS232 provide robust, error-resistant communication paths that are particularly beneficial in industrial environments where long distances and electromagnetic interference can present challenges. Analog interfaces, such as various voltage options, are ideal for simple and fast implementations that have less complex data transmission requirements.

Areas of application of the FLOWEVO PLUS

The FLOWEVO PLUS is used in a wide range of industrial and analytical contexts. Its outstanding flexibility and precision allow it to be used in a wide variety of applications, making it an indispensable tool in numerous industries.

Air quality monitoring
One of the primary applications of the FLOWEVO PLUS is air quality monitoring. In both urban and industrial environments, the sensor can continuously monitor the concentrations of various gases, including pollutants that can be harmful to health. Our device is particularly useful in areas where strict environmental regulations apply and air quality must be regularly checked and reported.

Specialized analytical methods
The FLOWEVO PLUS is also used in specialized analytical gas sensing applications, including the measurement of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), which are critical measurements in gas sensing for water quality monitoring and management.

Gas sensors play a central role in the areas of environmental protection, wastewater treatment and industrial processes. TOC and COD, among others, are crucial parameters. They help to assess the organic content in water and wastewater and are essential in gas sensing to determine the biodegradability of organic contaminants.

Industrial process control
In industrial applications, the FLOWEVO PLUS helps to optimize processes and increase efficiency by providing precise measurements in real time. This enables immediate feedback and adjustment of process parameters. It also reduces costs and improves product quality. The sensor's ability to detect rapid changes in gas concentration makes it ideal for applications that require fast response times.

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The most important points summarized:

  • Air quality monitoring: continuous measurement of gases in urban and industrial areas.
  • Analytical methods: Measurements of TOC and COD for water quality control.
  • Industrial process control: Optimization of processes through precise real-time measurements.


Advantages of the FLOWEVO PLUS

The FLOWEVO PLUS is characterized by a number of features that make it a front-runner in gas sensor technology. The unparalleled precision of this sensor in gas sensing ensures that even the lowest gas concentrations can be detected with exceptional accuracy.

Precision is particularly important in gas sensing applications where accurate measurement data is critical for safety, environmental monitoring or process control. The FLOWEVO PLUS's leading role in gas sensing makes it the preferred choice for critical measurement tasks where reliability and accuracy are paramount.

Unsurpassed precision
The outstanding precision of the FLOWEVO PLUS results from its advanced NDIR technology, combined with specially developed algorithms that further improve the accuracy of data analysis. This advanced technology enables the sensor to deliver accurate measurement results, which are essential for effective monitoring and control of critical processes.

Fast response times
Another key feature of the FLOWEVO PLUS is its fast response time. The ability to respond to changes in gas concentration within seconds makes the sensor ideal for applications that require immediate data acquisition. This is particularly helpful in dynamic environments where quick decisions are required. In addition, decisions are made on the basis of precise and up-to-date measured values.

Robust design
The robust design of the FLOWEVO PLUS ensures durability and reliability even under harsh operating conditions. The sensor is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, pressure changes and other challenging environmental conditions. This resilience is critical to the long-term performance and reliability of the sensor and reduces the need for frequent maintenance or replacement.

Setting new standards in the industry
With its technological innovations, the FLOWEVO PLUS sets new standards in the gas sensor industry. The innovations offer users the best possible benefits, including improved efficiency, increased safety and lower operating costs. The sensor enables companies to optimize their operational processes while ensuring compliance with safety and environmental regulations.

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The most important points summarized:

  • Cutting-edge gas sensor technology: Achieves exceptional precision for the smallest gas concentrations.
  • Advanced NDIR technology: Enhanced by specialized algorithms for accurate data analysis.
  • Fast response time: Ideal for applications that require immediate data acquisition.
  • Robust design: Withstands extreme conditions and minimizes maintenance requirements.
  • Industry innovation: Sets new standards, improves efficiency and safety, reduces operating costs.



The FLOWEVO PLUS represents a new innovation in the world of gas sensors and represents a decisive step forward in analytical measurement technology. As an advanced product, this sensor offers a combination of reliability, accuracy and fast response that sets it apart from traditional gas sensors. With its advanced technology, the FLOWEVO PLUS can perform demanding tasks, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of industrial and environmental applications.

Significant development in measurement technology
Thanks to the integration of the latest NDIR technology and continuous improvements by smartGAS, the FLOWEVO PLUS represents an exciting evolution. It represents the progressiveness of gas sensors that not only improve conventional functions, but also open up new possibilities in gas analysis. Its ability to provide accurate data even under varying environmental conditions sets new standards in the industry.

Superior performance
The FLOWEVO PLUS outperforms traditional gas sensor solutions in several challenging areas: Among other things, it offers improved precision through minimized noise and faster response times. This is achieved through optimized sensor technology and signal processing in the gas sensor system.

These properties make it particularly suitable for applications in gas sensor technology where fast and precise measurements are crucial. Examples of this are

  • Air quality monitoring,
  • process control in industry
  • or specialized analytical applications in gas sensor technology, such as the measurement of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD).

These capabilities make it a leading instrument in advanced gas sensing.

Ideal for the next generation of applications
Industries looking for the most advanced solutions in gas sensing will find the FLOWEVO PLUS a valuable component. Its robust design and ability to function under extreme conditions make it an excellent choice for demanding applications. In addition, the sensor's versatile interfaces and easy integration facilitate its wide applicability and increase user-friendliness in gas sensing.

In summary, the FLOWEVO PLUS offers an outstanding solution that pushes the boundaries of traditional gas sensors and sets new standards in analytical gas sensing.

For those in the industry looking for the next generation of gas sensors, the FLOWEVO PLUS is a technology that is ready to meet both current and future challenges in gas sensing.

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