Practical tip – The smartGAS Calibration Tool

The smartGAS Calibration Tool is a free software, which enables users of the smartGAS BASIC EVO and FLOW EVO sensors, among other things, to read out sensor information and operating states and independently adjust the zero point and the end point.

But the smartGAS Calibration Tool for Windows PC can do even more: Users of NDIR gas sensors of FLOW EVO series can also use Calibration Tool to set the so-called t90 time. This is the response time that the sensor needs during a sudden gas change to display a signal jump from 10 % to 90 % of the new full-scale value. The t90 time for the Flow EVO sensors is factory set at approx. 12 seconds, which is completely sufficient for most applications.

With the Calibration Tool there is however the possibility to shorten the t90 time by activating the "Fast Mode". The t90 time will then decrease to about 1 second, but in return the signal noise ratio will increase slightly and thus the detection limit of the sensor increases as well.

Important: The setting of the t90 time only works with the Calibration Tool, but not with the normal Modbus. So, the sensor can be adjusted by the user to the optimal speed before use and then be used permanently.

The Fast Mode is always a good option when it is important in process measurement technology to detect sudden changes in gas concentration as quickly as possible, for example for breakthrough detection in filter systems or in mobile applications where measurements are taken along a pipeline. The factory preset Standard Mode, on the other hand, is used for the most accurate measurement of slowly changing gas compositions, such as those found in emission measurement, in biogas plants or in fruit ripening and storage.

Using the smartGAS Calibration Tool is very easy: Download and install the software from the smartGAS website here, then register here and request a free license key. With the license key you activate the software and have access to the parameters of your smartGAS sensors.