New NDIR-Sensors of the FLOWEVO-series to measure CO2 in argon

With the help of smartGAS sensors, users of the MAG-welding technology are now able to reduce their waste and improve the quality of their product. Many companies mixing their welding gases by themselves to lower the costs and to create variable gas mixtures.

smartGAS developed therefore sensors (FLOWEVO CO2 in Ar 30 Vol.-% l F3-216307-05000 and FLOWEVO CO2 in Ar 3000 ppm l F3-216305-05000), which measure the CO2 concentration in argon within welding systems. Through that, conclusions can be drawn about the quality of the joining process, such as the burn-in behavior and the metallurgy of the workpiece.

The inline monitoring of the welding gas composition with smartGAS sensors also supports quality assurance through seamless process documentation. Further measuring ranges are possible and extend into the ppm range. The specialists at smartGAS can develop an individual solution for this together with the customer.