New form of cooperation - CaTec bv and smartGAS Mikrosensorik GmbH transfer their existing distribution partnership into a project partnership.

After successful years of cooperation in the distribution sector, CaTec and smartGAS redefine the joint business.

"The future cooperation aims on customer projects in which we develop specific solutions in the instrument and analyser market together", says Volker Huelsekopf, Head of Sales at smartGAS. "This is where we play to our respective strengths and while smartGAS contributes the technical know-how, CaTec complements the market and application part".

Hans Oosterling, CaTec general manager, adds: "For our customers this means that in future they will receive systems that are tailored to their application. Especially in the field of gas analysis and process measurement technology, customers do not want to make any compromises because here it is all about precision. Thanks to the project work of CaTec and smartGAS we can guarantee this".

For CaTec's existing customers, this will change little. smartGAS will take over further support of their products in direct sales from 2021.

New enquiries and existing deliveries will be handled by the smartGAS sales team in the future.