BASICEVO- Refrigerant sensors from smartGAS

Fully fluorinated (PFC) and partly fluorinated hydrocarbons (HFC) are used as refrigerants in many refrigeration systems due to their technically advantageous properties. Unfortunately, they are also flammable and very harmful to the climate. Therefore, strict requirements apply to refrigeration systems using these refrigerants.

For this reason, the regulation for F-gases (EU) No. 517/2014 prescribes regular leak tests. Their intervals can be extended through the use of leak detection systems.

If the refrigeration system charge is greater than 500 t CO2-equivalent, leak detection systems such as the refrigerant sensors of the BasicEVO-series from smartGAS are mandatory in any case. The diffusion sensors are factory-calibrated to 2,000 ppm for the refrigerants R23 and R32. The extremely climate-damaging cryogenic refrigerant R23 is indeed forbidden in the European Union but remaining stocks can be used until 2030. In many parts of the world less strict regulations are applied. Therefore, timely leakage detection is particularly important.

The refrigerant and greenhouse gas R32 is also used in modern air conditioning systems in commercial and private environments and is intended to replace the more harmful R410a.