New NDIR-Sensors of the FLOWEVO-series to measure CO2 in argon

With the help of smartGAS sensors, users of the MAG-welding technology are now able to reduce their waste and improve the quality of their product. Many companies mixing their welding gases by themselves to lower the costs and to create variable gas mixtures.

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Three questions for ... smartGAS introduces itself

Solving seemingly unsolvable problems and always having a creative idea or solution ready: That characterized Tim Loigge. In the column "Three questions to...", our employees introduce themselves personally and describe what makes their daily work so special.

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smartGAS exhibits at the SENSOR+TEST and MEORGA

smartGAS Mikrosensorik GmbH will present its product series for gas measurement at the SENSOR+TEST in Nuremberg in 2022. The sensors are based on the principle of non-dispersive infrared absorption of gases and meet the highest requirements for accuracy, reliability and economy.

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smartGAS: Gas sensor for new refrigerant

Refrigerants have to become more environmentally friendly, as provided by the current F-Gas regulation. R445A is a new compliant refrigerant for this. In order to be able to detect it when a leak occurs, smartGAS has now adapted its sensors from its proven BasicEVO series.

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BASICEVO- Refrigerant sensors from smartGAS

Fully fluorinated (PFC) and partly fluorinated hydrocarbons (HFC) are used as refrigerants in many refrigeration systems due to their technically advantageous properties. Unfortunately, they are also flammable and very harmful to the climate. Therefore, strict requirements apply to refrigeration systems using these refrigerants.

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