FLOW EVO now also measures nitrous oxide (N2O) up to 500 ppm

Nitrous oxide (N2O), known by its trivial name “laughing gas”, is not only used in medicine. It is also used in the food industry as a propellant for spray whipped cream (E 942) or in aerospace technology to oxidise unwanted exhaust gases in rocket engines.



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Our colleague Sonja Förch from the technical documentation department of smartGAS always has an eye for important details. Meet our colleague ...

Three questions for ... smartGAS introduces itself

Our colleague Sonja Förch has always an eye for important details and we would like to introduce her to you here in the column "Three questions for ...". It is dedicated to the people who stand behind smartGAS and give their best every day.

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To know how: How to safely combat pest infestation

What do historic church roofs and containers have in common with wooden products? They are a ready-made meal for wood-damaging insects. One of the most common countermeasures is fumigation, for example with the odourless and colourless sulphuryldifluoride (SO2F2), or with methyl bromide (CH3Br). NDIR sensors from smartGAS play a decisive role here.

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smartGAS offers two new measuring ranges for SF6 sensors

The non-dispersive infrared sensors (NDIR) from smartGAS combine measurement accura-cy with compact design and easy handling. With a diffusion sensor for room air monitoring up to 200 ppm and an analytical sensor for leak detection up to 5,000 ppm, smartGAS is ex-panding its portfolio for measuring sulphur hexafluoride in gas-insulated high power systems.

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New distribution partner "Down Under“

smartGAS and Gas Detection Australia Pty Ltd will be working together from 1 July 2021. In this way, the companies intend to strategically expand their existing business relationship and supply various segments of the Australian market with their innovative gas measurement solutions.

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