BASICEVO - NDIR Sensors for Diffusion Applications

Simple, compact, everything on board

Diffusion sensors for ambient air monitoring are available from smartGAS as the BASICEVO series. Just like all smartGAS-sensors are distinguished by low detection limits, very slight drift, a large temperature range, a fast response time and low maintenance costs. The BASICEVO series is therefore the optimal solution for all applications in which an ambient air sensor should be reliable and at the same time simple in its handling.

The BASICEVO is a non Dispersive Infra Red (NDIR) gas sensor for ambient air monitoring using dual wavelength technology. It is designed for leak detection in small concentration ranges (ppm range) for wall mount detectors and room air monitoring devices.

BASICEVO is the perfect solution for cost-efficient ambient air monitoring – without compromises in the performance!

Product Features

  • "ready to use" NDIR sensor
  • pre-calibrated
  • low maintenance
  • low signal drift
  • long lifetime
  • selective against influencing gases
  • compact construction
  • gas inlet by diffusion
  • drift and temperature compensated

Technical Details

  • 3.3 - 6 V DC supply voltage
  • modbus ASCII or RTU
  • optical status indication by LED
  • analogue output (e.g. 4-20 MA, 0-10 V) possible

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Easy OEM Integration

BASICEVO sensors can easily be integrated into OEM systems, where long term stability, repeatability and reliable performance are required. It can be utilised as a refrigerant detector in industrial refrigeration facilities but can also be used for ambient air monitoring in the field of air conditioning devices. Other scopes of applications comprise continuous gas monitoring in controlled environment chambers and food storage rooms as well as usage for various areas of scientific research. Special build-in solutions to provide IP54 protection and easy field gas calibration are available.

Flexible Data Connectivity

Modbus ASCII or RTU data communication offer a variety of options to connect the BASICEVO gas sensor to a controller.

Versatile usability - your advantages with the EVO series!

The sensors of the EVO series are reliable, compact and powerful. Unlike many other NDIR sensors, they combine best performance with a small mechanical design. The standardized platform makes it possible to combine various EVO sensors into a complete solution in many applications. As a result, development time, storage and operating costs and not least maintenance and logistics costs can be significantly reduced.


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