smartGAS-Webnews „Emission Monitoring“

Ever stricter environmental regulations and rising fuel prices are forcing companies to operate their incineration plants with as few pollutants as possible. The smartGAS gas sensors for measuring emissions provide optimum support, as they detect even the lowest concentrations of CO, CO2, SO2 and hydrocarbons such as CH4. Plant operators benefit from lower running costs and significantly more efficient operation.

The smartGAS sensors for emission measurement work according to the principle of non-dispersive infrared measurement technology (NDIR). This special physical measuring technique is superior to conventional methods in terms of accuracy and service life. NDIR sensors from smartGAS for flue gas measurement and analysis are characterized by high selectivity, very low signal drift and fast response time. In addition, they are extremely precise and long-term stable.

The design of the gas sensors is also advantageous: Since they contain no wear parts or chemical reactants, operating and maintenance costs are significantly lower than with other measuring methods. The sensors of the FLOW EVO series can not only be used for flue gas measurement, they are also ideally suited as CO sensors for process control in cement production or as CH4 sensors in wood gasification.

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