New SO2F2 sensor for safe pest control and container gassing

Containers with sensitive goods are fumigated before shipping to prevent insect infestation. With the high-precision SO2F2 sensors from smartGAS, the fumigant can be precisely dosed. The company has now developed a sensor with a measuring range of 4 Vol.-% especially for the European and North American markets.

The SO2F2 sensor has been configured for the limits and measuring ranges that apply in Europe, the USA and Canada. The performance data have been further improved compared to the 6 Vol.-% version - especially with regard to the detection limit, the reproducibility of the measurements as well as linearity, drift and temperature influence. In addition, the SO2F2 sensors from smartGAS have almost no cross sensitivities and are not sensitive to their orientation or position.


The new SO2F2 sensor from smartGAS has a measuring range of 4 Vol.-% and is particularly suitable for portable devices for container gassing. It is based on the technology of the FLOWEVO series, which is characterized by low detection limits, a compact design and fast response times.

The sensors will be presented for the first time at  Sensor + Test 2019 in Nuremberg from 25. to 27. June 2019 and at Sensors Expo in San Jose on 26. and 27. June 2019.

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