Process Measurement

The purely physically based process measurement with our NDIR sensors offers some advantages over chemical measuring processes: The sensors are low-maintenance, long-lasting and can be individually adapted to your application. They also work without using special reactants and are thus distinctly environmentally-friendly.

The smartGAS sensors for NDIR process measurement also provide long-term stability, high-precision measurements and are easy to handle. Integration into existing process measurement systems is uncomplicated.

Our sensors also help you save time and money, because they

  • are available for a wide range of gases and measuring ranges
  • have an extremely compact design
  • and are available with standardised interfaces.

Therefore, sensors from smartGAS are ideal for infrared process measurement. This also applies to biogas analysis in which a mixture of various gases should be investigated: We have developed a wide range of sensors specifically for such applications.

Our FLOWEVOsensors ...

... impress with their long-term stable, extremely accurate measurements, as well as simple handling and simple integration into already existing systems. Due to the use of standardised interfaces, compact designs and a selection of different solutions for gases and measuring ranges, our NDIR gas sensors are thus suited to quick and cost-saving use in IR based process measurement.

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