SILAREX - special solution

SILAREX is a new sensor platform based on the principle of non-dispersive infrared absorption (NDIR). This technology which is also used in the EVO line sensors of smartGAS offers considerable advantages over other gas detection principles, such as high selectivity, the long-term stability or the measurement accuracy.

The SILAREX concept provides the perfect basis for sophisticated customer-specific developments and is used when the application requires special solutions.

Thus individual SILAREX systems have been developed for the most precise analysis of SF6 in switchgears or for the combined measurement of CO in the ppm range in an atmosphere with up to 20 Vol.-% CO2.

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Silarex kurz SF6 Skizze 3D 2018 02 13 09 17 54 Silarex SF6 Windows Fotoanzeige
Silarex Lang CO CO2 3D  2018 02 13 09 17 31 Silarex CO CO2 Windows Fotoanzeige